Large covers with ICURVI of Medacciai

Large Covers – Brightness and elegance of curved insulated panels

Is difficult to resist the glamour of the ICURVI!
They have inimitable properties …  simplicity of the assembly, thanks to the double joint system up, beauty and functionality, lightness, strength, great thicknesses.

I CURVI are the best design choice for all large roofs

ICURVI provide extreme brightness to large buildings, allowing significant savings on electricity consumption.

Saving and safety, are two of the great qualities of CURVES that are added to the many features that make it a unique product!

Who installs them remains fascinated and becomes a protagonist in the world of industrial, sports covers …

For all large roofs, the Curves are the BEST DESIGN CHOICE.

ICURVI by Medacciai … a passion of author..

Discover all the features of the ICURVI



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