For the fans of “I Curvi”, for those who follow us, for those who love us, for those who cheer so that all the lines become Curves and for those who know that dreaming is as beautiful as the rising sun or as the moon that appears at twilight.

Everybody under the sign of the Curves, a love that starts from the Heart and arrives up high… until it touches the sun 

Rendering and photo… a bang, what do you say ? For us the accomplishment exceeds  all expectations  but not our ambition!

Curves are a special energy that breaks loose on every construction site and on every building that takes the form and strength of “I Curvi”…

Medacciai’s CURVED panels, that are well-known in Italy and abroad for their unparalleled characteristics and wide aesthetic performance, are the absolute protagonists of a grandiose project, where their beauty and functionality will be enhanced at the highest levels

Municipal Swimming Pools of ALGHERO (Sardinia) work in progress


Snooping from above you discover the magnificent Curvi… a silver hillock with a hard and reassuring character as our friends in Alghero….
the INCOMPARABLE “I Curvi” are also loved by those who live on that magnificent island ,the wonderful SARDINIA,

The land for hearts as strong as our hearts are for  I CURVI