Record length of 12.50 meters!

Panel C differs from other panels on the market also for its dimensions, in fact it can reach a length of 12.50 meters, while maintaining the characteristics of strength and robustness.

Curved panels – Maximum weight

Curved panels – Maximum weight

With the pride of a person … or rather of 2 people … sorry … there are 4 employees in the technical and production department for this shift and as you can see they are competing to show the product they are proud of! 🙂

The Curves were born to amaze us and still did not show all their repertoire.

Super curved panels, with a thickness of 150 mm. length 8.800 mm, measures that only the Curves can reach!

We will update you when they go to the construction site by railway wagon and the most attractive phases of their installation.

…..Arezzo THE MAXIMUM WEIGHTS are coming !!!!



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Super-curved panel White and Red – CGG Panel

We are on the hill of Moncalieri, just steps from the football fields of Vinovo, the Juventus training courses at all levels from Juniors to Great Champion!

ICURVI feel part of the most emblazoned team in Italy!

Look what came up even to excel: a Panel CGG (double corrugated curved panel) Color Red White are the colours of Bari!

Here’s the Super 100 mm thick mineral wool panel and a variable radius, UNIQUE in its category.

We are at MAXIMUM WEIGHT LEVEL! We promise you more and more exciting photos!



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Where others do not dare … with the super panel everything is possible!

A record that for the Curves is now a happy habit: a shed with the rib of 22.50 meters, made with only 3 panels!

Only ICURVI by Medacciai can dare so much!

The next building will be even more significant:

a single arch of 13 meters with a single panel 120 mm thick

An absolute record that gives us immense joy! We’ll see some good news in the coming months !!!

The Medacciai team

One for all, all for one.